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Test Newly Purchased Golf Bag Function Test
- Jun 25, 2018 -

The golf bag is generally cylindrical in shape and can be divided into three types according to diameter: a full set of ball bags (19-21cm in diameter), a semi-half set of ball bags (about 18cm in diameter), and a half set of ball bags (diameter) 15-17cm). It can also be divided into men's, women's and children's bags. Children's bags are suitable for children aged 6-14. Usually 5-6 clubs are sufficient, namely 5, 7 and 9 irons, 3 woods, a putter, and sometimes a Sand pit rod.


Examine the newly purchased golf bag function:

The first step

Determine before you buy a bag: Are you planning on owning the bag or putting it on the cart or wanting the ball boy to pick up the bag for you?

If you want to back your bag - this is also the most healthy way you want the ball to pack all your clubs and accessories, but you also want to pack the ball lighter the better. If you want to carry your club back, the only thing to consider is the weight of the bag.

Buy golf bag notes

Second step

Choose a bag that will hold all your stuff. For example, if you bring a rain gear, a pair of spare golf shoes, a lot of golf balls, sandwiches and drinks, you will need to buy a bag that can hold all these things in. But you have to know that the bigger the bag, the bigger the weight.

third step 

Determine if you want a stylish bag, and if so, there are many leather bags on the market that are elegant. But these bags cost a lot, usually $1,000 or more.

Determine the brand of the bag

the fourth step 

Choose the kind of bags that can be sealed, and they can protect the club when you are traveling. Some bags don't need to be added individually. When you travel, they can completely protect the club. The price of these bags will be higher, but you do not need to buy another golf equipment.

the fifth step 

When buying a new bag, consider its durability. The golf bag follows this principle: "Value for money". If you often play, cheap golf bags may not last long. Think of a golf bag as a valuable investment because a good quality bag can take a long time to use.