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How To Use Golf Gloves Correctly?
- Aug 30, 2018 -

We've put together some common questions and hope to help you choose the golf glove that suits you and improve your performance.

Q: How can golf gloves help you improve your performance?

A: Since your hand is the only link to the golf club, golf gloves can provide a better feel and grip to help you achieve a better grip, and this is also the basic condition for playing the game.

Golf gloves can help the player stabilize the grip and even control the club, and avoid holding the grip end too tightly. Help the golfer to be more comfortable and stable, for a smoother swing.

Q: How do I know what size gloves I am suitable for?

A: Golf gloves should be comfortable to fit, just like the second layer of skin, and there should be no excess space at the fingertips. When unfolding the palm of your hand, the gloves should also be comfortable and snug.

The area of the back of the glove should not exceed 3/4 of the hook. This is because when you are playing, the gloves will need a certain amount of space to ensure that the gloves are always fit.

Q: Is there a way to properly wear golf gloves?

A: Yes, there is indeed a way to properly wear golf gloves.

Because Titleist golf gloves are made of high-quality cabretta lambskin material with good flexibility and elasticity, do not pull hard during the wearing process (usually at the bottom of the glove, that is, near the wrist) Elastic). When you are wearing gloves, you should gently start from the finger area so that both the finger and the glove can fit completely. Then, slowly adjust the thumb and the part of the palm of your hand. Finally, gently attach the hook on the back of the glove. This will help maintain the original shape of the glove and make the glove more durable.

Q: What is the best way to maintain golf gloves?

A: When you want to take off your golf gloves, don't pull directly from your finger. Unfasten the button and gently fade it from the back of the hand, the palm of your hand, to the thumb. Then grab the middle finger and take off the entire glove from your fingers.

After each use of the glove, gently remove it according to its original shape, fold the thumb part to the palm, and gently flatten the other parts. If the gloves are wet due to sweat or weather, put the gloves on the towel to dry. After the glove has dried, return it to its original packaging for protection and to maintain its original shape.