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How To Buy A Good Golf Bag
- Sep 10, 2018 -

It is very important to choose a good golf bag before we are ready to play golf. Don't ignore it, because the role of the golf bag is to install everything you use in golf, so the quality of the bag is not good. This will cause damage in the middle of the road that affects you.

The bag is a common name for club bags and club bags. It is used to load everything needed for golf: mainly clubs, balls and tees, as well as old gloves, towels, rain gear, personal hygiene items and beverage snacks.

The ball bag is generally cylindrical in shape and can be divided into three types according to the diameter, which are a full set of cue ball bags (diameter 19-21cm), a quasi-half set cue ball bag (about 18cm in diameter), and a half set of cue ball bags ( 15-17cm in diameter). It can also be divided into male, female and children's golf bags.

There are a lot of things to make a bag, there are many kinds of materials, the fabric of the bag is made of leather, but also made of nylon. In the past, there were also golf bags made of whale skin. Of course, the price of such bags is very high. At present, there are fewer golf bag products with leather as fabrics, and there are more ball bags made of mixed fabric or nylon. The latter is practical and flat, and the quality is good and durable.

Pay special attention to the purchase of the bag, check whether the dark buckle, rivets and zippers (good brass) are firm and strong, and the balance of the entire ball on the ground.