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Do You Really Look At The Golf Bag?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

The two major forces in the golf club market are nothing but American and Japanese. The American brand has been eloquently dominating the market with the endorsements of the top stars and the exposure of the tournament; Japanese brands have risen with the help of fine craftsmanship and specifications that are more suitable for Asian golfers.


What are the factors that a good golf bag should have?

1. Moderate weight: It should be between 3.5-6.5 pounds. You may think that a difference of 3 pounds in a ball bag won't make much difference, but believe me, as soon as you reach the 14th hole, you will understand how big the difference in 3 pounds can be.

2. Double straps: 98% of lightweight bags are double shoulder straps. The double shoulder strap design can support the back, which helps to balance and reduce fatigue.

3. Easy back unloading: Not all double shoulder straps are easy to unload, some are fixed too well, and it is quite painful to use.

4. Strong feet: The feet must be light and strong, easy to open and close, and even stand on uneven ground.

5. Reasonable separation: It is best to have 5 pouches on the bag. One puts a ball; one puts the ball T, fixes the fork, the ball label and other little things; one puts the glove, so you don't have to roll them up on one side; one puts on the raincoat, so it must be big enough; the last bag is miscellaneous Things. Too much bag will increase weight, too little and not enough.