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Basic Knowledge Of Golf Equipment And Accessories
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Golf bag
There are round and square shapes, from 6吋 to 9吋, and there are soft and hard material practice bags.
·Golf shoes
There are nails on the sole for the lower body when playing firmly.
·Golf clothing shoes bag
There are separate pockets and shoe bags, and there are also combinations.
·Ball bag
The bag for loading is different from the golf bag for ball loading.
·Golf umbrella
It can cover rain and sunshade, which is bigger than the average rain umbrella.
When kicking the ball, the ball will be high. There are many materials such as wood and plastic.
·With a ball ring
When there is no playing, the spare ball is used.
There is no mandatory glove in the course. Men generally wear their left hand and women wear a pair.
There are a lot of accessories, there are many styles.
Protect the ball head from direct impact. It is also an optional accessory.
·Name brand
Hanging on the outside of the bag for the brother to find the ball.
Towels, raincoats, wristbands, greens repair forks, etc. are less important accessories.