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Badminton Rackets Should Be Loaded With Original Badminton Racket Bags
- Jul 28, 2018 -

First put the original badminton racket bag into the bag, the head is down, to avoid the face being squeezed, and the tempo is placed on the outside to prevent contact with the body.


The badminton racket is generally composed of a head, a stick, a handle, and a joint of the frame and the stick.

The length of a racket is no more than 68 cm, and the length of the racket and the racket is no more than 42 cm. The length of the frame is no more than 25 cm and the width is 20 cm. With the development of science and technology, the development of the racket is becoming more and more weight. Light, the frame is getting harder and harder, the elasticity of the stick is getting better and better, and the air resistance is getting smaller and smaller.

Badminton racket classification:

The badminton racket is divided into a short handle, a middle handle and a long handle racket. The short handle is about 40cm long and the middle handle is about 60cm. The long handle is for general adults and the length is about 675mm.

Racket shape:

It is the geometric shape of the head. There are two general types: a traditional round shape with a square ISO shape. The mainstream racket has already used a square head. Compared to a round head, the sweet spot of the square head is about 26% larger than the round head.

Racket sweet spot:

It is the best hitting area of the racket face, and most of the sweet spot of the racket is near the fourth line of the horizontal line. When the hitting point is in the sweet spot, it can give you enough hitting power, ball control, and vibration. If the head is enlarged, the sweet spot will become larger and easier to control, but the head and the assembly will bring the torque. And the negative effects on weight.