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Which warm-up training can't be less before playing golf
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Before the golf course, the warm-up body can fully stretch the body, stretch the ligaments, preheat the muscles, and let the body adapt to the upcoming exercise more quickly. Which warm-up training can not be less before playing golf?


1. Twist our ankles

The ankle is one of the most vulnerable places for golf. To better protect the ankle, we must twist our ankles before we play, so that we can play better.

2. Active knee

Activity your own knees, squats can make our knees have a feeling of nerve compression, which stimulates the body to produce a fire, you can achieve the purpose of exercise! Want to play golf happily, do not protect the knee is absolutely impossible .

3. Turn back

The return run allows us to sweat and ensure the coordination of the whole body. It also allows us to better adapt to the game and better adapt to the game.

4. Active wrist

Can directly affect the feeling and coordination of our shooting, so we must move our wrists and arms

5. Twisting movement

To make our body more harmonious, it can be very sensitive when breaking through or bending over to save the ball. A good athlete will definitely warm up his waist, because if the waist is not hot on the court, it is easy to be injured in golf.

6. Swing training

If you are not fully prepared before the game, it is easy to find the hand when you swing, and the ball that hits will deviate from the expected route, so these exercises are essential.

However, here Xiaobian reminds everyone that when doing these warm-up exercises, you can't be anxious, you must have a process of stretching and adapting, or you will pull the ligaments. The above is all about sharing the warm-up training before golfing.