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Types of golf bags
- Mar 09, 2018 -

In Golf sport, there are many types of golf bags used for different function. Here we introduce you the most popular 7 types:

1. Golf caddy bag.

Golf caddy bag is also called as golf staff bag, tour bag, caddie bag, trolley bag, its most popular used for competition and also normal exercise. Sometimes its even used for exhibition because of its big size and delicate design. This is the bag that holding every other equipment like clubs, headcover and other small accessories.                                          

            legend times golf caddy bag.png

2.   Golf cart bag.

Golf cart bag is a smaller size and lighter weighted than a caddy bag. Many ladies would like to choose cart bag instead of caddy bag becasue of its light weight but while keeping the same function.

      legend times golf cart bag.png

 3. Golf stand bag. 

Golf stand bag is smaller than cart bag but it has a stand stick. They usually used for exercise not for competition because it holds less clubs.

      legend times golf stand bag.png

4.     Golf boston bag. 

Boston bag is also called as clothes bag, duffle bag, tote bag or carry bag. As you can know from its name, its used for clothes. But since its size is big so you can also pack shoes and other accessories.

      legend times golf boston bag.png

5.     Golf shoes bag. 

Used for shoes.

       legend times golf shoes bag.png

6.     Golf gun bag. 

Golf gun bag is also called golf sunny bag, Sunday bag, pencil bag. It's the smallest bag that holds clubs.Normally 2-5pcs for a casual training purpose. It can be made with stands or without.

       legend times golf sunny bag.png

7.     Golf travel bag. 

Golf travel bag is used for protecting the caddy bag and the clubs inside when transporting.

           legend times golf travel bag.png