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The Master Tournament
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The Master Tournament, also known as the American golf masters, is one of the four major golf tournaments in the United States. It is held in the first full week of April and is the first event to be held in the four major events of the year. The masters are held every year at the Augusta National Golf Club, a top private club in Augusta, Georgia. The masters were founded by Augusta course designer Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones . Today, the masters are the official bonuses of PGA tour, PGA European tour and the Japanese golf tour. As the masters take complete invitations, the number of participants is much less than the other three events.

The Master Tournament is the shortest events in the four Grand Slam, and the first competition was held in 1934. But in the United States and in the world, the Master tournament is the first Grand Slam in the minds of many players. Green jacket is an important symbol of American Master, and every year's champions will wear the green jacket.