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The classification of golf clubs
- Mar 29, 2018 -

 Usually there are total 25 clubs for a golf set, but only maximum 14pcs are allowed to be put in one golf bag for tournament, including 4 wood clubs, 9 iron clubs, and a putter. Here are the different uses of different clubs.


1, Wood Club

Wood club is a long shaft and light head club, this design makes it easy to swing by players. It is mainly used for the first hitting, and the success of the first hitting will directly affect the results. The smaller number the club is, the the longer the shaft is and the lighter the club is.

Wood clubs including driver club, fairway wood club and hybrid club(also known as utility club).


2, Iron Club

The iron clubs are relatively heavier than the wood clubs, but its more handy for various angles, and the smaller the number of the iron club, the farther the hitting distance is. The iron club is more accurate to ensure the direction of the ball.


3, Putter Club

The putter is mainly used to hit the ball into the hole on the green. The putter’s shaft is relatively short, and the maximum angle of the club surface is not more than five degrees.


Although the above clubs are different, they can not be underestimated, because they play different roles on the golf courses.

a taylormade golf set including clubs and bag.png

a taylormade golf set including clubs and bag