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the British Open Championships
- Mar 30, 2018 -

The British Open ( full name: of the British Open Championships) began in 1860, is the oldest, the most ancient race in the four Grand Slam of golf, sponsored by the St Andrews Royal and Ancient Golf Club, held in the third weekend of July each year. Both in the heart of the players and in the hearts of the fans, the British Open has its unique and unshakeable historical position.

Back in 1860, the Prestwick club sent letters to invite several excellent clubs to recommend their caddies to participate in a match to find successor of Allan Robertson who had just died. In fact, the "open" is not public, only 8 people, they are the first professional players. The result of the game was awful: the champion Willie Park hit 174 score with 36  holes , while Allan hit an amazing 79 score.

Because of the protest of the amateur players, in the second year, the host announced that "the game will open the door to the world", and the real open is set up. Although only 12 people have participated in this year, they have included amateurs.


The beginning 12 years of the open were held at Prestwick beach stadium, later moved to St Andrews. Since then, different venues have been chosen for the competition. Before that, he champion prize -- the silver belt with red tape has been used for 10 years, which is now replaced by the well-known Claret Jug Trophy.

After the first World War, the British open was hosted by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club until now.

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