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Rules of driving a golf cart
- Mar 14, 2018 -

Because of the different seasons and the different conditions of the golf course, there are different rules of driving a golf cart. Below are two most common types:

First, the golf cart can be only driven on the driveway. This rule is applicable to a wet ground course. Its aim is to avoid damage to the turf of the fairway.

Second, the 90 degree rules. This rule requires that the golf cart can be driven on the driveway, and when it reaches the leveling position of the balls landing point, it will turn 90 degrees right angle and cross the fairway directly to the ball position. After hitting the ball, it will drive back to the fairway by the same way. The implementation of the 90 degree rule can not only allowing players hitting the ball, but also minimize the damage of the grass.

It must be kept in mind that under any circumstances no golf cart is allowed to be driven to the green area. It is strictly prohibited and unforgivable.Because that it will cause serious damage to the golf course. Usually there will be signs indicating the area of the driving and parking of the electric golf cart, and the players should follow it strictly.

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