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Quick,Easy Set-up Tips To help you instantly add 10-15 more yards to your drives
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Do you want to instantly add 10-15 more yards to your drives?Below is a quick,easy set-up tip for you. Just have a look!

Tilt-your-upper-body-behind-the-ball To launch the ball high with less spin, and maximize distance, you need to hit up on the ball—2-3° up is optimal for most recreational golfers. One of the best ways to groove this ascending hit is to practice from an upslope, as it helps you set up behind the ball and stay behind it through impact. 

To get your hips and shoulders relatively parallel to the slope, your body is going to have to form a reverse-“k” look, with your spine tilted away from the target and upper body mostly behind the ball. This is the ideal position to launch it from. The visual of the hill also encourages you to swing the clubhead more upward to match the slope. Swing too steep and the clubhead will crash into the hill.