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PU golf fairway wood headcover
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Clubs need to be divided into different swing weight is to adapt to each player's swing speed. Usually the faster the swing, the more you need to choose the ball rod with the larger swing weight.The most important part of a golf club is the pole body. One of the most important aspects of the pole body is the degree of elasticity. Elasticity refers to the hardness of the rod body. If you see a variety of golf clubs in a golf store and swing golf clubs, you will find that some of the rods are harder than others. The stronger the player's body, the more hard it is to have.The inclination of the rod surface affects the flying way of golf and the ballistic of golf, and the representation method based on the bottom plane of the rod is as follows: the angle between the =90°-rod surface and the rod bottom or the angle between the lead vertical surface and the rod surface.