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Proper placement of the golf clubs in the bag
- Mar 14, 2018 -

Every golfer has a way to store the clubs, but the key to the game is to place and find the clubs quickly and easily. Some golf caddy bags can hold each club seperately, while other bags hold them in groups. No matter what situation it is, a golfer should be familiar with the position of each club, so that the club can be found faster.

Step 1:

Take out all the clubs in the bag and line them up by increasing order or descending order.

Step 2:

If you cleaning the existing bag, put all the extra things out, like the ball picker, golf tee, divot tool, etc.. It is also a good opportunity to clean up the odds and ends of the bag and dust in the bag.

If you are using a new bag, skip this step.

Step 3:

Put the wood on the top of the bag (closest place to the straps). If the bag has devided vacancy, the most common way is to arrange the clubs from left to right from number 1 by descending order. If the frame top has only one hole, then put all the poles inserted into this hole.

Step 4:

Put 3-4 pieces of long clubs into the left lower hole of the bag’s head frame. For instance, place #2 iron, #3 iron,#4 iron and #5 iron here.

Step 5:

Put 3-4 pieces of short clubs into the right lower hole of the bag’s head frame. For instance, place #6 iron, #7 iron, #8 iron and #9 iron here.

Step 6:

Put the wedge and putter in the lowest(bottom) hole of the bag. It is very easy to find the putter in this place.

Step 7:

Put the clubs well and put other golf accessories in order. The easiest pocket to access is the one below the hole holding the wedge and iron, so you should also put the golf balls there.


Considering bring with accessories, such as extra glove or divot tool. A well-organized golf bag will helps you to find things easily. Bring a wet towel,so you can rub the club after every hitting.


The American Golf Association stipulates that maximum 14 clubs can be placed in a player's golf bag. Don't bring too much extra equipment, especially when you carry the bag by yourself.

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