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Materials used for golf bags
- Mar 09, 2018 -

There are many different types of golf bags, and there are also many different raw material used for the bags.

As we know, the bags are usually made by PU (poly urethane), but there are also other premium or cheaper materials are applied for it. Such as Genuine leather ( there are mainly two types of leather: 1. full-grain leather .2.Slipt leather,also called second layer leather). So far, genuine leather is still the most premium material used for golf staff bags, but normally they are not used for tournament or casual training, they are usually used for exhibition or giving as present from big company such as branded car enterprises or banks.

As for PU, there are thousands and million types of PU. PU has enamel PU(also called crystal PU) and matt PU. They have different thickness, different bottom cotton sticking material, different pattern on the surface, different color. And the quality depends on the factory’s skill when making it. Therefore, even two piece of PU look all the same, they may have different prices.

People also apply nylon, poly ,demin ,mesh , canvas or fabric onto the golf bag as to achieve different design and feeling, but in general, the golf bag crafts do not change a lot.

                legend times golf bag raw material choose.png