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LEGEND TIMES Tells You The Etiquette Of Golf
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Golf etiquette, as the most important part of golf, is one of the characteristics distinguishing it from other sports, so golf is also known as "gentleman sports."


1. Dress on the court

The golf course is equipped with special regulations, which is also a part of the golf culture that has been followed by long-term historical development.

Golf clothing is based on the principle of comfort and tidy. Both men and women should have collars and trousers. Players are prohibited from wearing t-shirts, camisole, denim clothing, and miniskirts. If you wear shorts and other clothing, you should wear black stockings (to the knees). Golf shoes, most of the clubs currently need to wear special rubber spike shoes on the court for the protection of the lawn.

2, dressed in neat clothing into the club

Women's dresses can be fashioned. The tops can be sleeveless, but they must have collars. They should not be worn through short shorts or short skirts (such as tennis skirts). In particular, they should not be worn in halter tops or dresses. They are too exposed and inconvenient. Sunburn. Wearing untidy clothing and unconcerned attitudes into club clubs is an insult to clubs and individuals.

3, scheduled tee time and arrive on time

Book the tee time in advance to facilitate yourself and other members. After the appointment, you will not be able to attend the event. You should inform the club in advance to avoid the empty group and facilitate the management and operation of the club.

4, carrying supplies

1) Cap: There is no special ball cap in the strict sense of golf. As long as it can reach the sunshade, avoid the sun, keep out the cold and prevent the hair from being scattered, all kinds of hats can be used.

2) Ball: There are a lot of balls to be prepared in the bag at the end of the game. Due to the special pool and OB area of some courses, it is not enough to prevent the middle of the ball from playing. Especially for the first time, the stadium should prepare more balls.

3) Gloves: Men generally wear only one hand, and women can wear both hands or one hand.

4) Ball Umbrella: Prepared to prevent rain when playing. Generally, golf umbrellas are UV-resistant and therefore often used for shading.

5) Raincoat: Prepare to prevent rain when playing, but it can also be used for windproof and warm when the wind is cold.

6) Sunscreen oil: If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, you should choose a higher coefficient to protect yourself from sunburn.

7) Sunglasses: Choose high-quality lens goggles to maintain good vision when playing golf.

8) Trauma: Band-aid, anti-mosquito, red syrup, etc., for temporary treatment of abrasions, mosquito bites, and scratches.