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Introduction of PGA Tour and Fedex Cup
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The Federal Express cup (FedExCup), is short for “Fedex Cup Champion”, was officially launched in 2007 as an important part of the United States tour through out the year. It has fundamentally changed the structure of the United States golf tour, which has introduced the competition throughout the year and will hold four finals at the end of the season. In addition to the four finals with high bonuses, FedEx Cup set another prize pool of $35 million, where the final champion can get $10 million. The whole tournament consists of PGA regular season (33 weeks, 37 games), 4 playoffs ( 4 week, 4 games) and Fall series(4 week, 4 games). The U.S. PGA Tour has total 41 weeks, the first part is the federal cup, the second part is the Fall series.

Four playoff games: Barclays Tournament, the number of participants is 125; Deutsche Bank Championship, the number of participants is 100, BMW Championship; the number of participants is 70; finals (The Tour Championship), the number of participants is 30.

In addition to the bonus, the finals champion is exempt from PGA tour competition for 3 years, and the playoff champion is exempt for 2 years. From 2008, the top 30 of the FedEx Cup would be exempt from the PGA tour’s eighteenth exemption if they were not exempt from other ways, which is higher than the top 125 exemption from the regular US tour bonus list.

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PGA Tour consist

FedEx Cup PGA playoffs lasts from the late August to the end of September with following four games, as to determine the FedEx Cup champion.

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PGA Playoffs consist