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Introduction of Japan Golf brand: Maruman
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Maruman is a famous Japanese golf brand. It was founded in 1971. It was originally a lighter producer, and in 1974 it began to produce golf clubs. Maruman is the golf industry pioneer and innovator, it created golf carbon shaft, metal golf club head successively. The DANAGAN series wood club is the first application of metal golf head instead of wooden golf head, which bring a far-reaching influence on improvement of golf clubs. Later, Maruman was devoted to the research and use of titanium and nano materials to design and manufacture golf clubs and balls, and made a series of patents.

At present, Maruman's main golf club products include the Majesty series and the Exim series.


Majesty is the pride of Maruman.

Majesty is the high rebound clubs that launched in 1996 as to commemorate the "25th anniversary of Maruman Golf Club development ".