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Introduction of Japan Golf brand: Hiro Matsumoto
- Mar 27, 2018 -

What is Hiro Matsumoto:

Hiro Matsumoto, the world's top golf brand, is a highly prized "weapon" in the golf world.


History of Hiro Matsumoto:

Golf sport has been introduced to Japan in the Meiji era, the first golf course was built in Kobe by an English man. In 1950sthe golf sport evolved from Japan upper class into popular. The development of golf promoted the development of the golf clubs industry, and at that time, the high-end crowd in Japan advocated manual manufacture, so it created a good market environment for the birth of Hiro Matsumoto putter.

Hiro Matsumoto, the founder of Hiro Matsumoto golf putter, has done one thing in his life, is grinding the putter. He was born in Himeji City Hyogo-ken Japan in 1941, when he was 16 years old he became a putter apprentice, he was very clever and devocated.  In 1957 he joined the golf industry, began to forged the putter by hand. From the first day of his entry to the factory, he was interested in manual skills and the structure of the golf putter. He studied and researched from the most basic forging, grinding, mosaic and other processing, and improved his manufacturing skills in the accumulation of continuous practicing.

Years of hard work leads to success. Through his own talent and hard work, Hiro Matsumoto began to emerge in the golf field, in 1967 when he was 26 years old he set up his own manufacture workshop in Japan. At that time, HM is not that famous, but Hiro began to use his skillful technology and rich experience in manufacturing putters.

Before the 1980 US open competition, Isao Aoki, a famous Japanese golf player, handed a blueprint of a perfect putter in his mind to Hiro Matusmoto, Isao has thought for four year of what a perfect putter should be. So he hoped that Hiro Matsumoto could help to create such a good putter that he could do whatever he wanted. After receiving the blueprint from Isao Aoki, Matsumoto took a pencil and a ruler, thinking about how to design the putter head all day and all night, forgetting time and hungry. When he finally handed over the finished products to Aoki, Aoki’s evaluation was: "this is a very good putter, its face and feel are very good, so that it can let the ball go wherever I want it to go."

Then Isao Aoki went to the United States and participated in the US Open in 1980. The American open of 1980 is one of the classic battles in PGA history and is now oftenly seen in the PGA documentary. At the time of the last day of the game, Jack Nicklaus(the golden bear) and Isao Aoki are the last group purchasing the championship. Nicklaus played better on fairway wood yet Aoki played better on the green, the game score was very close, and at last the winner went to Jack Nicklaus. Although Isao Aoki was just the runner-up, Nicklaus gave him a nickname "putter magician". The second runner-up was Tom Watson, also a legend in golf world. The putter Isao Aoki used in 1980 is now displayed in the Museum of the Hiro Matsumoto family.

Through this opportunity, Isao Aoki was deeply convinced by the manual skill of the Hiro Matsumoto. Since then, the putter made by Hiro Matsumoto helped Isao Aoki won more than 70 competitions in the world's six largest tournaments, and has become the godfather of the Japanese Golf. It has launched the upsurge of golf sport in Japan, and Hiro Matsumoto got big fame and reputation from then on. More and more people came to him for hand made putters.

In 1990, the brand was officially launched with his name "Hiro Matsumoto", which has been widely praised both at home and abroad. The abbreviation of Hiro Matsumoto is HM, while the abbreviation of english Hand Made (handmade) is also HM, which looks like a coincidence. Therefore, many PGA players say that Hiro Matsumoto is born for HandMade Putters.


Hiro Matsumoto putter’s characteristic:

From the starting of material selection, to the final step of polishing and glazing,  it needs at least one month for a Hiro Matsumoto Golf hand-made putter made. The special metal seamless mosaic process, the strict zero-defect-quality test and the production after appointment mode decide that the annual output of Hiro Matsumoto is extremely limited. In the past fifty years, Hiro Matsumoto has always embraced the philosophy of fine quality. There is only one idea to be made, that is the pursuit of perfection. So far, the total number of putters made by Hiro Matsumoto for decades is very limited, which is not the enemy of the annual output of a popular brand. This is why Hiro Matsumoto long lasting for half a century.


Hiro Matsumoto Golf Putter 

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Hiro Matsumoto Golf Putter