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Introduction of golf brand: Taylormade
- Mar 30, 2018 -

In golf history, Taylormade has always been considered to be the first to bring the "metal" wood instead of “wood” wood, thus beginning the “metal” wood era, and Taylormade’s historical position is unshakeable.

In 1979, as to achieve a full set of golf equipment which can combat all others, Gary Adams and Skrovonsky cooperated and established Taylormade company, and by Pittsdurgh Persimmon using their stainless steel metal wood Taylormade won a huge reputation, and created a sales legend by continuous annual growth of 200% - 500%.



Gary   Adams set up a golf company called "Taylor Made Golf". The name   implies that the product of the company is made for better players. At the   same time, the name is also designed to commemorate Harry Taylor, who   designed the world's first metal club for Adams. At the beginning of the   company, there were only three employees, including Adams himself. Adams   creatively invented metal wood. He also envisages a complete set of golf   equipment that is better than all other countries.


Salomon   bought Taylor Made. This year PGA champion was using the Taylor Made metal   woods.


TaylorMade   metal wood become no.1 ranking of being used in the PGA. TaylorMade dirver   wood is the no.1 ranking used in American cusumers driver wood list. The   first Taylormade circuit car equipped with the equipment for maintenance of   the club began to be put into use during the tour.


Holding   514 working staff with an average age of 27.


Established   sub-companies in Britain and Japan. Established a huge R&D center in   France.


Moved   to a new office area over twenty thousand square feet in Carlsbad California.


Taylormade   became the first company supplying kids golf equipment. Kids golf clubs were   start to existed.


The   total sales amount reached 3.27million Euro including iron club, putter club,   driver club, golf bags, equipments, balls, accessories, gloves and garments   etc. Became the 2nd big golf club supplier in the world.


Taylormade   became the no.1 ranking of using driver club, fairway wood club and iron club   in PGA in the history.



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