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Introduction of Golf Brand: Scratch
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Scratch, founded in 2003, is known as the first American tailor – wedge  company, whose wedge club is famous in the United States PGA tour, and the main business is wedge customized. For 3 different styles of swing, Scratch provides 6 corresponding grinding methods. Therefore, Scratch can ensure that every wedge is suitable for players' needs. Now the product line of Scratch is covered with iron and hybrid.


The chief designer of Scratch Jeff McCoy began to grind golf clubs from high school. He has an amazing talent in making clubs and has customized-grinding the wedges for many the top players. At that time, no company had tailor-made wedge for players, yet Scratch filled the market up. A personalized wedge is designed according to the swing condition of the players.


Before entering the market, Scratch took a year to detect different wedge grinding methods and different styles of players' swing, and studied the influencing factors and results. Scratch divides the player's swing into three different types (the Sweeper/Slider, Driver/Slider and Digger/Driver), and then its test and analysis system will determine the way of grinding on the basis of different types. These experiences and methods all came from Scratch's extensive research on tour and world players.


According to their customized manuals, there are 6 different ways of grinding, each way has its own characteristics. Guests can choose their own favorite head shape, wedge bottom grinding method, head surface, shaft and so on. Thus making you an unique and personalized golf club.