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Introduction of Golf Brand: Kentack Golf
- Apr 14, 2018 -

When we talk about KENTACK, most people are still in puzzle. But when we talk about the founder of KENTACK, you will be very familiar—Hiro Honma--the handmade master of golf club of Honma.

Then you might be very puzzled about the relationship between Honma and Kentack.

As to find out the answer to this question, we need to know the history of Honma. In 1960s, japan golf clubs are mostly imported, as to change this situation, and to make Japan golf clubs more influential in the world, the Honma brothers started to devoted themselves into golf club industry. In Jan 1958, Honma brothers opened a golf course in Tsurumiku, Yokohama. And they are willing to make a golf club that suits for Asians, and with a higher reputation than other American golf brands. In 1962, Hiro Honma created a driver club made of persimmon wood.

After entering the 1990s, in spite of a lot of bankruptcy of golf courses in Japan, Honma purchased two golf courses by 10 billion.

In 1973, Honma is the first company to use carbon material to produce a club shaft. The flexibility of carbon can effectively compensate for the distance lost on the course and help smaller Asian players to hit the ball further. Once the club was launched, it was successful. The factory also moved to the larger area in Sakata because of the large sales volume. Honma started batch production since then.

In 2005, owing to the difficulties in developing golf courses during the economic bubble, the company proposed a "civil regenerative law" to the local court of Tokyo. The court accepted and formally began to assist the company in its financial reconstruction. At that time, the debt was caused by internal management of the company, not the product itself. Therefore the brand value of Honma is still huge.

In February 23, 2010, Merlion houdings, a fund funded by Chinese retail business, acquired HONMA. This means that the HONMA now seen in the market is already a Chinese company. In recent years, Honma has strengthened its management and joined the new market strategy, so that the brand is more mature. So far, among golf brands, Honma is also a brand that sponsors most Chinese professional players.

So now the HONMA headquarters is in Shanghai, but the founder of Honma, Mr. Hiro Honma, has left Honma, and took away the Honma handmade technology and created KENTACK, which is to say that KENTACK is the real Honma!