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How to make a Golf bag
- Mar 20, 2018 -

How to produce a golf bag, i think this is a question that many golfers want to find out. Now let legendtimes golf explain to you. 

Let’s take a golf caddy bag for example:

1.     Confirming the design of the golf bag.

Before making the bag into existence, we need to confirm the design, and every details are needed and be declared in the artwork. Details including:

Golf bag's shape(the most important point), 

The color(best using the pantone color for international color match), 

The head frame structure and size, 

The pockets, 

The zippers,

The pullers (most of them need to be customized),

The hardwares(some need to be customized),

 The logos (embroidey, printing or emboss or customized way),

 The shoulder belt ,

 The handle,

 The bottom of the bag(some of them need to be customized), 

and the detailed materials used for different parts.

 Legend times provides free golf bag design for customers. Here's a sample of golf caddy bag's design.

                                                     golf caddy bag design artwork

2. Cutting Raw Material.

    According to different parts of the bag, we cut the raw material from the roller material.

    Firstly we put the raw material flat and put them into the cutting machine. Using a steel mold under the machine and on top of the material , using the pressure of the machine, the materials will be cut into the different shape we need.

legend times cutting raw material for golf bags.jpg

                                                     A cutting machine photo

3. Logo proceeding.

Logo will be stitched or printed onto the differnt parts of the material.

There's also other ways of making logos, such as emboss, high pressure emboss, tatami stitching, applique, etc.

                               A logo is being appliqued on the PU by stitching machine

4. Sewing the different parts of the material into one complete piece. 

(Front part and side parts and the back parts of the bag). 

(using the proceeded or not proceeded material)

Also the zippers and pullers are sew into the patch as well.

                                    A puller is being sew onto the patch of the golf bag

seperated patches sew into one complete patch legend times golf bag.jpg

                                        Seperated patchs sew into a complete patch.

5. Adding the PE board into the middle of the patch so shape it like a bag.

                                                          A photo of PE board 

                                       A photo of PE board put into the completed patch

6.Adding the head frame and the bottom to the half-finished golf bag.

                             A photo of golf caddy bag's head/handle/bottom is added.

7. QC on the golf caddy bag

Checking the outlook of the bag such as if any bulge or sunken on the bag.

Checking the defects on the bag such as defected material or damaged logo,etc.

Checking the functions of the bag such as if the puller is smooth, If the knot can be button up easily.etc.

Cleaning up the dirty.


                                                    quality check on the golf bag

                                                        cleaning on the golf bag

                                                        cleaning on the golf bag

8.Packing and Shipping.

Golf bags are packed in a big OPP plastic bag and then a brown box. Or colored box is available if customized.

packing of golf bag legend times.jpg

                                                  Golf caddy bags before packing

legend times golf waterpoof golf bag10的副本.jpg

                                                               Golf bags waiting for shipping

That's how a golf bag is made. Do you understand now?

Legend Times golf is professional golf bag supplier. Contact us for more information!