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How to deal with golf balls twisted to the waist
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Playing golf is very easy to get hurt. If the swing posture is not correct, such as improper joint movement, insufficient coordination of movement, improper force, etc., it will cause tendonitis and muscle strain, ankle sprain, etc., especially when the waist sprain often occurs. Let's take a look at how to deal with golfing to the waist.

1. If it is cold after a sprain, if the sprain is within a few minutes, or no more than ten minutes, immediately apply it with an ice pack or a cool wet towel, so as to avoid local vasodilation, oozing and aggravating edema. It has the effect of reducing swelling and relieving pain. After half an hour, the cold compress is over and the next treatment is started.

2. At the same time of cold compress, you must rest and rest to relieve the symptoms of sprained waist. Immediately after the sprain of the waist, stop exercising and let the injured muscles rest to avoid further damage, resulting in chronic lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation. The rest method is mainly to rest in bed, to sleep on a flat bed, not to have a thick mattress.

3. After half an hour of rest, go to the massage, you can do a simple massage at home, have a palm massage on the sprained waist, and gently beat it. For pressure points, press the elbow for a few minutes, press The pain point is to press the waist with your finger. The most painful place is the pressure point. The medicine is called: Ashi points.

4. After massage, you can use rubbing injury drugs to rub, commonly used safflower oil, swelling and painkilling, Yunnan Baiyao spray and so on.

5. You can also eat a little blood circulation painkillers, such as beaten pills, 37 pills, etc. It is best to go to a medical institution to find a doctor to prescribe medicine, or you can go to the pharmacy to buy some. It is best not to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

6. After 24 hours of sprain, the local area can be treated with heat, massage, cupping, etc., or salt hot cloth to wrap the affected area, or use your fingertips, palms or half-handed hands to evenly hit the lower back. muscle. This will help to promote blood circulation.

7. For the less severe lumbar muscle strain after the above treatment, the condition will be basically stable, then you can apply hot compress, physical therapy, or take some drugs to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis or use the lumbar spine paste to paste, you can Accelerate the recovery of sprained muscles. ,

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