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How to choose the location of a golf course
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The golf course is generally located in the foothills of the open slopes, the measure of the area covers an area of 65~75 hectares depending on how much holes it got, specific requirements are as follows:


1. The requirements of the terrain. 

The base area can not be too rough and too steep. The base can retain some natural features, such as gentle slope and water surface, as the natural barrier of the court.


2. Soil requirements. 

Golf course fairways and greens are required to grow high quality turf, soil analysis and processing is very important, sandy soil is ideal for golf course soil; is the soil nutrient depletion has been the original crop, if it can meet the needs of the turf plant, are all considered when choosing the location, because it relates to maintenance and management in the future.


3. The traffic is convenient. 

The golf course should have convenient traffic conditions, usually near the freeway or the urban trunk road.


4. The water supply is sufficient. 

Large golf courses maintenance requires a lot of water, and the sufficient supply of water is an important factor affecting the maintenance of the court.


5. The environment is elegant. 

The stadium should choose an area with elegant environment with pleasant climate, such as lakeside, forest, landscape, hillside, etc.

Augusta National Golf Club.jpg

Augusta National Golf Club and its holes