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Golf Etiquette and Rules
- Mar 29, 2018 -

The spirit of golf

Unlike many other sports, golf is mostly carried out without the supervision of a referee. The sport depends on players’s concern for other people and the honesty and credit to consciously obeys the rules of the game. No matter how fierce the confrontation is, all players should be conscious of their behavior,  showing politeness and modesty and good sportsmanship at any time. This is the essence of golf.


1.When playing or practising swing, players should ensure that the balls will flying to the direction that no one standing under those dangerous positions.

2.The player should not hit the ball before the previous team has not out of hitting range yet.

3.Players should remind those people near or ahead of him when he thinks that his hitting may be dangerous to them.

4.If the ball flies to the dangerous direction that may hurting people, the players should immediately shout loudly to warn, and the warning idiom on this occasion is "watch the ball ! ".


Think for other players, don't disturb or influence others

 1.Players should always think of other players on the course and should not disturb others by walking, speaking or making unnecessary noise.

2.Players should ensure that any electronic equipment that they bring to the course will not affect other players.

3.On the driver area, the player should not start setting the ball before it is your turns.

4.When other player is hitting the ball, the player should not stand near or behind the ball or the hole.


The protection to the course

Before leaving the sand pit, the player should carefully adjust all the holes and footprints he made in the sand pit, as well as the pit and footprints of other people in the vicinity. If there is a sand rake near the sand pit, a sand rake should be used for leveling.


Avoid unnecessary damage

1.A player should avoid causing harm to the course, such as cutting a turf for practice swing, or hitting the ground with a club for anger or any other reason.

2.The player should put the flagpole back in the hole correctly before leaving the hole.

3.The players should strictly obey the rules of driving a golf cart.