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Golf brand introduction: BIEMLFDLKK
- Mar 16, 2018 -

As early as sixteenth Century, the Scotland shepherd struck stone with sticks to drive the sheep, thus enlightening the modern golf sport, and the golf dress was rapidly sweeping the Europe and America.

For hundreds of years, Biemlfdlkk’s logo, the elegant golf dress, is favored by the upper class of all walks of life. It is good at absorbing the current trend of the elements in fashion, advocating high-grade fashion, comfortable and convenient life as the basis, the function of new material and high-tech material of all kinds of soft yarn LOGO, slim skillfully blend together to create a series of classic clothing.

In the golf boom driven by 1979, Mr BIEM.L.FDLKK, a French popular fashion talented designers, created BIEMLFDLKK brand clothing. He dedicated luxurious design aesthetics wisdom and concise modern life outside the show, combined with the classic innovation and perfection, but also created a biemlfdlkk brand traditional cultural connotation.

In the prosperous development of golf fashion, Biemlfdlkk clothing became into being. It follows the golf aristocratic tradition, represents noble, elegant, comfortable life style, its charm comes from its unique concise, classic, fashionable design style. For years, its logo, an elegant golf gentleman, has attracted the attention of all walks of life in the world. It is good at absorbing the most advanced of today's fashion industry achievements, bold breakthrough, according to the wearer's taste and convenience of life based on the use of material and high-tech features material variety of soft yarn, thin skillfully blend together, with traditional craft, produce moisture, thermal and anti fouling strong function high the grade of clothing. Bienlof BIEMLFDLKK in the Qumran resplendent with variegated coloration fashion industry quickly open the market, has become a symbol of high quality of life.

In 1999, A famous Korean designer named Ms. Han Jingshu and her design team joined the growing BIEMLFDLKK. Her arrival showed us a new image of BIEMLFDLKK, that is to change the traditional fashion into a break through fashion. She is always keen at capturing the design theme of the season, each letter in her hands than the Leuven brand, form lively pattern, the most popular element have been cleverly integrated with clothing. If the golf health, sunshine, friendship is the design concept of Biemlfdlkk’s eternal essence, then painting, architecture, dance and other art design is the source to their design inspiration.

In order to make BIEMLFDLKK internationalization, they expanded their target market to China, in 2001,  the president Mr. Jin Xiankun and MS. Han Jingshu with her sound design team came to China, study on the market of China in-depth for 2 years. The rapid growth of China's economy provided a broad space for the development of golf clothing. Through the study of China market, Biemlfdlkk ‘s ideas became more clear.

In January 2003, Biemlfdlkk clothing company (Chinese) was formally established with the good wishes to Chinese. Just one year after entering the Chinese market, it has been accepted and favored by the majority of consumers. Its counters and stores have expanded rapidly to the high-end stores in all the major cities of the country, and sales performance has been rising fast. The unique design, pure color, comfortable fabrics and exquisite workmanship makes Biemlfdlkk the leading position in the industry and leisure clothing among  peers. Biemlfdlkk created a distinctive personality mature brand image in Chinese market, shaping the superiority and extraordinary taste in clothes for modern golf.