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Does golfing hurt your back muscles?
- Jan 12, 2019 -

Golf combines rustic and aristocratic vacations, and has been popular for more than 150 years. With the development of the economy and the advancement of society, this elegant sport is more and more liked by more people. However, it is such an elegant movement that also hides injuries. Will golfing hurt the back muscles?


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Muscle strain is a common phenomenon in golf. It refers to the muscle's active strong contraction or passive excessive elongation beyond the muscle's own ability to bear the slight damage of the muscle, the muscle part is torn or completely broken. In golf, the shoulder muscles, the medial elbow muscles (ie, the flexor and flexor muscles), the back muscles, the thigh adductor muscles, the knees, the muscles around the ankle, etc. are prone to muscle strain.

The main causes of back muscle strain are: insufficient warm-up exercise, the physiological function of muscles in a certain part of the body has not yet reached the state required for exercise, the training level is not enough, the elasticity and strength of the muscles are poor, and the fatigue or excessive load makes the muscles function. Decrease, weaken power, reduce coordination, inattention to technical movements or movements, excessive movement, low temperatures, too much humidity, poor quality of venues or equipment.

To prevent back muscle strain injuries, the following methods can generally be used:

To prevent sprains, the following methods can generally be used:

Do a good job in warm-up exercises.

1. Protect the vulnerable parts, such as bandaging elastic bandages.

2. Strengthen the muscle strength of the corresponding parts around the joint and the flexibility of the ligament to improve the stability and mobility of the joint.

3. Unstable operation of the unfamiliar action is eager to achieve. It is necessary to master the correct method of exertion and strive to make it skilled and automated through practice.

When you encounter back muscle strain in golf, first of all, don't panic, you can take the following methods: muscles are slightly pulled, the effect of acupuncture is significant; muscle fiber is partially torn, early cold compress, pressure bandage, also The affected foot should be placed in a position where the injured muscles are relaxed to relieve the pain. The massage is started after 48 hours, and the technique should be gentle. Exercises after muscle strain should be done with force, generally without feeling the pain at the injury.

Usually pay attention to strengthen the muscles of the vulnerable parts and the flexibility of stretching exercises, so that the strength of the flexor and extensor muscles to achieve a relative balance, improve muscle flexibility, which is good for preventing muscle strain.

In addition, pay attention to observe the muscle reaction, when the players feel the muscle strain, do not force the practice and competition. Analgesics can also be used. Some drugs can relieve recovery (such as aspirin) in addition to pain, but you should follow your doctor's advice when taking drugs. With the gradual development of golf, more and more people, especially a large number of women, have joined the ranks, prompting manufacturers to rack their brains and change the past non-blue and green habits, creating more and more The more beautiful the bag comes.

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