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big capacity golf driver headcover
- Jan 16, 2018 -

The hardness of the rod body, the selection of the appropriate rod hardness, can increase flight distance and direction stability. US-gauge Clubs: S, F, R, L; Day Regulation Club: XS, S, SR, R, L, note: In some brands, the hardness of the rod will also appear: x/a; The dynamic equilibrium point, the weight of the club is the concept of two, one is the total weight, the other is weight balance. As the swing by the "lever principle", so the swing when the long ball club feel lighter, short club feel heavier.If the toe of the bat points to the air and the root of the club is on the ground, the current pole is too straight and needs leveling. If the root of the club is in the air and the toe is on the ground, the bat is peaceful and needs to be adjusted more upright.